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Recipe: roasted tamari nuts and seeds snack


We often make this healthy, no added sugar snacking alternative to crisps for our kids or to have with a beer when they’ve gone to bed. These are so easy and surprisingly delicious. For a gluten free option choose gluten free tamari or low salt soya sauce.


  • A few good handfuls of mixed nuts and seeds. Choose nuts which don’t have any salt added to them. In this recipe we used cashews, almonds, walnuts (go easy on them as they’re quite bitter) along with sesame seeds
  • Tamari or low salt soya sauce
  • Herbs and spices (all optional): cayenne pepper, crushed fennel, cumin or coriander seeds, cinnamon or paprika


  1. Pop the nuts and seeds in a roasting pan and roast for 12 minutes at 180 degrees (200 degrees C in non-fan assisted).
  2. Remove from the oven and add a few good glugs of tamari or low salt soy. At this stage you can add in any extra flavourings in the form of herbs and spices (go forth and experiment.) For a little bit of extra natural sweetness you can add low GI agave syrup or maple syrup. Roast for a fur the five minutes, taking care not to burn your nuts.
  3. Let the nuts cool down on the tray before removing them and popping them into a jar to store, trying your best not to eat them all as you go.